Shamrock Network Technologies, LLC:

A team of passionate techies
who enjoy creating customized solutions
which empower your business.

(203) 463-2001 • (855) 450-4500

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About Us

In 2004 a passionate techie, Mike Werth, loved IT consulting work but recognized a problem. The "One Size Fits All" approach used by most IT service providers simply did not fit small businesses and non-profits. Mike established Shamrock Network Technologies, LLC, to help these small organizations shine.  Our team has remained focused on bringing enterprise level technology to the small business and non-profit, at affordable prices.

What Does That Really Mean, in English?

  • We will fix your computers, servers, and networks.
  • We will support and monitor your network 24x7.
  • We will help you develop a technology plan. Our recommended solutions will keep your systems performing at their best.

How is Shamrock's Approach Different? 

We recognize each small business and non-profit organization has its own unique set of needs and challenges. While a common technology foundation is used, we build upon this to create a more customized solution.

Shamrock's Typical Client:

Our typical client is a small business or non-profit organization with anywhere from 1 to 30 workstations (desktops and laptops), 0-2 servers, and networking equipment. Our clients often have a critical business application which is supported by a software vendor. Our technicians are experienced in working with software vendors to identify the root cause of a problem and get it resolved quickly.  

The Process:

Our relationship with our clients runs deeper than simply resolving computer issues.  During our initial meeting, we will ask about your business. We want to understand what you do, as it will allow us to provide the most value. We will ask about your current technology. If it's all foreign to you, don't worry! Just show us whatever you can and we will figure out the rest. Finally, we want to understand what works well today and what needs improvement. Are there areas where your current technology holds you back?

Then the magic happens. We will give our recommendations, working with your budget and timeframe. At an appropriate pace, we introduce you to enterprise class solutions, customized to fit your small business or non-profit. 

The Result.

The technology is solid.  The price is affordable.  And no, you are not dreaming.